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Political Value of Sports National Weeks (PON) in Papua

MENITRIAU.COM - From October 2nd until October 15th in Papua, more than 9.500 athletes and officials from 34 provinces in Indonesia are competing their sports capability at 20 PON.

Until this article has written, West Java delegation, Jakarta, Central Java, Papua and East Java delegation have collected and stayed at top rank gold medals achievement.

Basically and politically, the success of Sports National Weeks or PON in Papua has written and made the values of Papua's integration with Indonesia and the success of PON can create an international respects to Indonesia related to Indonesia's effort to make prosperity, security situation and an infrastructure development have boosted in Papua.

Obviously, the success of PON in Papua was informed, it would be threated by separatist groups name separatist terrorist group or known in Bahasa as KST Papua has announced that they will attacks all of athlete who are joining at PON. But until now, we are not have an information about that.

The success of PON in Papua has made international community and Indonesian have believed in the government capacity to maintain security and political condusive situation in Papua forever. And international community have understood and supported also agreed with Indonesia"s goverment policy which has been marked that KST Papua must be eliminated in Papua. Hopefully. ***

*) TW Deora, the writer is Papua's issue observer.

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