Otjih S. (istimewa)
Otjih S. (istimewa)

Stefan Kurtz's Movement Must be Followed

MENITRIAU.COM - Austrian's Prime Minister, Stefan Kurtz has decided to step down from his position as Prime Minister after he had alleged corruptions. Kurtz's movement and decision has shocked Austria"s political climate and also Europe.

Today, global society have needed either global war on terror and global war on corruption also because corruption's effect has created long term damaged in the society especially youth future.

If terrorism has damaged religion relationship and bothering diversity values in Indonesia also it can make uncertain situations because terrorism can occur future deadly attacks. 

But corruption has more seriously future damage impacts rather than terrorism threat such as poverty, inequality, ignorance, stupidity or foolishness, deeply social gap among citizens and unsecuring, economic and Investment climate. Corruption can trigger revolution and history was recorded.

Global society have saluted and hope Stefan Kurtz's movement can be followed by another corruption perpetrators around the world.  Hopefully. ***

*) Otjih S, the writer is an international issue observer. Life in East Jakarta.

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