Toni Ervianto. (istimewa)
Toni Ervianto. (istimewa)

Beware of Food and Energy Crisis

MENITRIAU.COM - Energy and food crisis are happening around the world because geopoliticak tension has attentioned by President Joko Widodo because the spiral effects of those crisis has been affecting in Indonesia.  

President has predicted that the crisis have been taking for along time. Because of that all of stakeholders are ready and beware of crisis which could happen until 2023.  President has assured that we must have  sense of crisis. This year and next year, the world has faced  hard situation ang global economic situation and politic full of uncertaintty.

Other side, Covid-19 pandemi is not over yet. Many countries have been fighting to tackle  Covid-19 spreading through lockdown.

The effects from politic and economic situation is the handicap of supply chain and the rising of inflation in many countries. 

In Turkey, inflation has reached  61,1 percent. In the USA,  the level of inflation has jumped in 8,5 percent from basically inflation lower 1 percent. Meanwhile in Indonesia, inflation has controled around 2,6 percen. Facing prolonged crisis, President has warned ministry officer and locals government have prepared hometown food production capacity and President has warned to ministry offices have not periodically import when Indonesia has capacity to produce intern commodity likes corn and soybean. 

Globally, energy and food crisis have haunted several countries durung Rusia vs Ukraine crisis did not end in short time. Several Europe country such as Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Hongaria, even England and France including the USA have defended on Russia's gas and energy supply. Rusia government has made political and economy decision that every gas and energy import and export must be used Rubel. This strategy is used by Russia to handle Europe and the USA sanction over Russia.

Both Russia and Ukraine have mainly produced several food products which have needed around the globe. So prolonged war and uncertaintty from the effects of "specially military operations Russia in Ukraine" can be damaged politic and economic structur, process and products especially food and energy around the globe.

Politically and generally, every government around the world do not want to face food and energy crisis because both of them can trigger social unrest, gap security until the topple of current government front an internal opposite groups or using "proxy war agent" to shock domestic situation. Beware of food and energy crisis. ***

*) Toni Ervianto, he writer had earned his master degree from the University of Indonesia.

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